The Crying Breakfast Friends is the 1st episode in the series.

Plot Edit

.The light blue background is show and then it slides over to pear

Pear: *Crying*

Apple: What's wrong pear?

Pear: I wanted to go to the park but nobody is here so I can't play with anyone.

Apple:Well I am here now!

Pear: Yay!

Pear and apple dancing for 5 seconds

Pear: It's getting late, we should head home.

Apple: but i'm scared of the dark

Pear: Me too!!

Apple: I want to stay here, but I also want to go home to my bowl!

Pear: me to! I want to go back to my bowl!

Waffle: I have been here for hours!

Pear: why didn't you tell me?

Waffle: I don't know!

All crying as screen zooms out to whole town

♪ Credits play ♪

Appearances Edit

  • Sad Apple
  • Crying Pear
  • Sad Waffle

Notes & trivia Edit

  • Pear stays at the park for a very short time
  • Pear and apple live in a bowl, which makes sense as people do this a lot in real life.